Product Name : Packaging Tapes
Product Introduction

Whenever items are transported, they need to be packed and wrapped. A variety of adhesive tapes are used for these tasks. Most adhesive tape used for closing cardboard and other boxes is Kraft packaging tape, polypropylene packaging tape, or cloth packaging tape. These types of tape must be easy to use; for example, they must unwind smoothly and be easy to cut. Nitto Denko Packaging Systems, a Nitto Denko group company, offers a comprehensive line-up of tapes designed specifically for various applications. We boast top share of the Japanese market for adhesive tape, and annually sells over 2.7 million km of Kraft paper adhesive tape alone - enough to circle the globe 67 times.

Kraft Packaging Tapes :

Kraft packaging tapes unwind smoothly and are easy to cut by hand, which greatly facilitate work. Nitto Denko Packaging System offers a diverse Kraft tape line-up, meeting the need to package various products in various ways.

OPP Packaging Tapes :

OPP packaging tapes provide high strength and adhesion for cardboard box packaging. Nitto Denko Packaging System offers numerous product variations for light objects, heavy objects, hand application, and mechanical application. These products contribute greatly to higher work efficiency and lower costs.

Cloth Packaging Tapes :

Cloth packaging tapes adhere closely to the substrate, and even adhere well to rough surfaces. The longest-utilized type of packaging tapes, cloth packaging tapes are easy to use, as they unwind smoothly and are easily cut by hand. In line with the changing needs of the times, colorful cloth tapes have also appeared, adding a fashionable touch to packaging.

Tear Strip Tapes :

Nitto Denko Packaging System employs materials with superior backing strength and adhesive strength to create narrow-width, strong, tear-strip tapes. Tapes are available for easy opening of cardboard boxes and wrapping films. Compared with conventional products, they speed up opening work considerably.

Inner Packaging Tapes :

Nitto Denko Packaging System's inner packaging tapes have a wide range of uses, such as sealing small boxes, wrapping paper, and food containers. We offer a line-up of products with unique characteristics, such as specially printed tape for package tampering detection, and polyester tape with metallic appearance.

Strapping Tapes :

Tapes for strapping need to be strongly adhesive, yet easy to remove. Nitto Denko offers strapping tapes that fulfill the functions of cords and bands, and are easy to use due to their superior backing and adhesive strength. Our advanced adhesive technology ensures the reliability of our strapping tapes.