Product Name : Highly Crystalline Polymer Film
Product Introduction

Description :

special purpose material for STN-LCD and TFT-LCD.

Character :

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for most steady to leave membrane type protect membrane whole world, this product characteristic , for not dipping in sticking , the ultralow coefficient of friction, the electric characteristic with big and fine temperature range used in succession . Product this suitable for level display panel make (FPD), different side conductive membrane (ACF ) stick to pair (keep project sections of Pre-Bonding in advance ) and COF/LCD join, TCP/LCD is joined etc. and made to Cheng (originally press). Use this product to prevent the conductive glue from overflowing effectively but pollute the base plate and surrounding environment, can protect the pure degree of base plate of the glass effectively.


D/W 2000 0.05mm * 12mm * 50M


D/W 2000 0.08mm * 40mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.08mm * 300mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.08mm * 350mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.08mm * 400mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.08mm * 450mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.08mm * 550mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.08mm * 650mm * 20M

D/W 2000 0.1mm * 4mm * 120M